Technical Specifications

Here is a heavy duty boom mower with a very strong structural mount frame, strong boom and very efficient but simple hydraulics.  
Reaches available are the 18, 21, 23 and 25-foot with a 50 or 60-inch ax cutter head.  
Other heads available are a rotary ditcher, 62-inch grass flail, 48-inch ax flail, 52-inch double blade saw, 48-inch mulcher, and 60-inch side rotary conversion mower.  
The standard control system is a compact cable operated cable control or an optional electronic control system.  

There is an optional tractor protection structure that covers the tractor cab top. 
It  some can provide some extra protection of falling limbs that can damage tractor top. 
This structure can be installed with amber LED flashing lights.

To date our D series boom mower swivel and kingpin has never required replacing.

Our oval shaped one inch thick T-1 steel blade hold is much stronger than the previous stacked multi-leaf blade bar.  
The blade bolt mounting holes are double keyed for a long life.


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