Hydraulic Flail Mowers

We manufacture and sell four types of grass flails. All the grass flails share common parts such as the six inch diameter cutter shaft and ground roller components.  Our mid mounted hydraulically driven side flails come in mowing widths of 62, 74 and 88-inches.  Since our mid-mounted flails share the common frame of our mid-mounted rotary side mowers new for 2011 an extendable draft model. This option will allow the mower deck to reach over most ditches without getting the tractor tire in the ditch. This model does have a hydraulic break-a-way.

Our three point hitch PTO driven rear flails come in mowing widths of 88 and 100-inches.  The cutter shaft  can be gearbox or hydraulically driven. Our boom mower has a 62-inch grass flail that can cut brush up to one inch in diameter or a 48-inch flail ax that can cut brush up to four inches in diameter.  

For 2011 we have available the Ranger a PTO hydraulically driven drawbar pulled  triple super flail.  The shown Ranger 1901 is a 19-foot cut model that can consumer up to 120 horse power.  Individual heads can be selected for specific operation.  The wings have hydraulic break-a-way capability.  All Rangers have the 88-inch center cut but the wings can have either a 62 or 74-inch cut or no left wing variation.


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