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Our mid-mounted rotary side mowers are the most durable shoulder mowers available.  Our splined direct drive spindle and hub assembly with the one inch thick T-1 disk very durable. Even the blade mounting holes are double keyed to ensure the disk will last for many years in tough use. 

An option for our rotary side mowers is the ground height wheel.  Most of the wear on the blades of the side mower is on the bottom which is caused from mowing too low to the ground and mowing  where the deck is half on the pavement.  The unfavorable reputation of rotary side mowers of throwing gravels usually comes from from mowing too low.  All rotary side mowers can be equipped with this feature and is the replacement for the optional roller that has been available since 2007.  The operator can make adjustment in the running height above the mowing surface from one to five inches in one inch increments.  This wheel can also be retrofitted on any previous CAP rotary side mower

Since 2011 this is our RSM 60EX which has a hydraulic break-a-way for the draft beam.  An exclusive option for this model is an extendable draft beam which can allow the operator to extend the mower deck on demand up to 36 inches. This option can allow the mower deck to reach across most ditches without having the tractor tire in the ditch.   The mower deck can also be turned on its side and can mow light brush the height of the tractor cab top.  This model can also use the 60-inch ax cutter blade system from our boom mower that will allow cutting brush up to five inches in diameter.

If an operator is looking for an economical and simple tractor and side mower this RSM 48D mounted on the Massey Ferguson 2600 is a very good package.  In many areas where the industry standard 60-inch rotary side mower is too big or just not necessary this mowing unit is all that is needed.



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